What is this blog all about?

My name is Brian.  In this blog, I plan on chronicling my foray into bioinformatics as a bench scientist.  There are several reasons why I started this blog.  The first is that I have been bashing my head and stumbling my way into the field for over a year now and I need an outlet.  Second, besides my immediate mentors, I found that other bioinformatics blogs have helped me immensely throughout my learning experience.  In order to give back to the community, I plan to contribute my own past and future experiences in hopes of helping other like minded biologists learn useful tools for making the best out of their data.  Third, I think young scientists (like me) should get more practice writing.  I was also inspired by James Somers‘ recent blog post about how everyone should write.  If you have any thoughts or better bioinformatic solutions, please feel free to share. I always appreciate constructive feedback.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this blog are personal and are not representative  of the institutions I belong to.


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